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with those three words
my heart dropped
falling to the floor as it shattered
shimmering slivers exploding out
[like when you dropped that coke bottle
in the rastauraunt
in mexico,
and i broke.
my mask fell to pieces right there
in front of you.
your words
were like a rock
and i was the window
but i knew you have no idea
because here we were
in the hospital,
you are dying
[do you remember?
you crashed.
maybe your windshield cracked,
etchings of fissures
stretching their spindling arms
out across the glass until
it split into powder fine glitter.
am i still talking about your windshield?]
but just now
just now, when you don't know what's going on.
you told me
you loved me.
i love you
you said
did you do it?
now nothing's the same.
because you're leaving.
you're leaving forever
and you shattered me
with three words
that i've wanted to hear
for a
l o n g
with just three words
my world
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jensen ackles WIP by bleachedsharpie jensen ackles WIP :iconbleachedsharpie:bleachedsharpie 0 0 lethal demolition by bleachedsharpie lethal demolition :iconbleachedsharpie:bleachedsharpie 1 9 adorable destruction by bleachedsharpie adorable destruction :iconbleachedsharpie:bleachedsharpie 2 2
her cheeks are flushed
(like petals from a season past)
from snow, cold and wet
and frozen tears
like freezing ice one her burning skin.
she's not at all like a snowflake, she thinks,
not unique
not beautiful
and certainly not pure.
so the sowflakes try to kiss her worries away
but it doesn't work
(they're like
stabbing into her skin).
so she cries
(and her tears are like lava pouring over barren cheeks,
melting saltwater ice)
and the snow falls softer still.
:iconbleachedsharpie:bleachedsharpie 1 1
one day when the glass cracks under out feet it will send us shattering into a beautiful world of molten sand and transparent oceans, where we can forget how the sun forgot to shine and how we were the only light we saw, and where we can learn the word I and yet disappear in the vivid world without a trace other than the ripples in transparent oceans and footsteps in burning sand.
:iconbleachedsharpie:bleachedsharpie 0 1
house of cards
our "relationship" is like a house of cards riding a tidal wave
and every single time it falls apart
i'm left to play 52 card pick up alone.
then you come back
and we build it back up
sidestepping carefully because anything can knock it down.
and then we're playing poker,
and we're both bluffing,
you saying there is nothing wrong
and me pretending to believe you.
pretty soon go fish comes into the picture
and it's all a guessing game
figuring out what you actually have in your hand
(and i know it's not me.)
suddenly i'm trying to find the truth without going over boundaries
(like playing blackjack
but it's the reality instead of 21.)
and if i get close at all it's akin slapjack
while we're both waiting for the truth card to come out
and you're wanting to cover it up
and i want to prove to you i'm not as slow as you may think i am.
and maybe one time i'll knock down the house of cards myself
and resort to playing solitaire.
:iconbleachedsharpie:bleachedsharpie 2 10
our love
our love is the kind where we superglue our hands together just so we have another reason to be close.
our love is the kind where 12 roses are only a small part of how we feel.
our love is the kind where even a nearsighted person could see it from miles away.
our love is the kind that everyone in the world wishes they could have.
our love is the kind that couldn't even be warped in the twilight zone.
our love is the kind that can only be expressed by us - no pictures or words could get close to describing it.
i just hope this comes close enough.
:iconbleachedsharpie:bleachedsharpie 1 4
:NCIS: Regret - Part 8
As Tony finished talking, he leaned back in his chair, watching their faces carefully for any form of emotion.
The revelation came when Kate smiled through the slight wetness in her eyes.
"Always knew you weren't quite the-"
"Don't say it!"
"-clown you made me believe you were."
She finished, her face radiating with a grin even larger as she laughed.
"What did you think she was going to say?"
"Something along the lines of a name for a donkey, womanizer, player.... I could go on."
"We'll pass."
Jenny replied, smiling as well.
Tony flashed them both his signature grin short of the cockiness that usually accompanied it, glad that the dismal mood that had accompanied the story had vanished from the room.
It had been over an hour since McGee, Abby and Gibbs had left to see Ziva, and Abby was animatedly telling Ziva about Sister Rosita and her bowling skills. Ziva looked amused at how Abby threw her arms around to accentuate her different points, whacking McGee in the shoulder multipl
:iconbleachedsharpie:bleachedsharpie 3 1
:NCIS: Regret - Part 7
Tony found himself situated in a solid white room, sitting on a soft white chair. Everything was white. He squirmed in the chair, uncomfortable in the streilized whiteness. He was abruptly aware of someone behind him. He spun around.
"Hi Tony."
Kate said, smiling.
"Wh-what are you doing here?"
Kate replied simply, sitting down in the chair across from him. He hadn't realized it before, but the room also had a table and a vase filled with bleached flowers.
"With what?"
"Your choice."
"For what, exactly?"
"To stay or go."
"Stay where or go where, exactly?"
"Don't exact me Tony. To stay here, or go back to where you were before."
"Where was I before?"
Memories came flooding back into his mind like a dammed river with the dam suddenly removed. The regret and pain hit him the hardest.
"I'm so sorry Kate."
"For what? Me dying? Gosh. Never thought you of all people would take the blame."
"Gibbs thinks it was his."
"He feels that way about most things."
Tony almost
:iconbleachedsharpie:bleachedsharpie 3 1
:NCIS: Regret - Part 6
Tap tap tap.
"Do you have anything for me?"
McGee jumped a little in his seat. He had been completely oblivious of Gibbs being behind him.
"Er, yeah boss."
He brought up what he had been working on up onto the plasma.
"Based on Tony's placement and direction of the bullet,"
He clicked a button on the remote and a line extended out from a 3D model of the building, passing out over the roofs of other buildings,
"The shooter was on one of these buildings,"
The line stopped at a building 5 away.
"That's the farthest the shooter could have been."
Gibbs nodded.
"That's good work, McGee."
"I'll be able to narrow it down when Abby finds out what type of gun it was."
Ziva felt completely helpless, sitting in the hospital bed. She was tired of the fluorescent light burning down from above, and tired of sitting doing nothing. She pressed the button for the nurse, who bustled in shortly after.
"What can I do to help?"
She asked. Ziva detected that terrible sickeningly sweet tone in her voic
:iconbleachedsharpie:bleachedsharpie 3 4
:NCIS: Regret - Part 5
Abby continued to bounce, the heels of her boots clacking the tile whenever she came down. She swished her black and red plaid miniskirt, still bouncing.
"He made it through surgery,"
Brad started, and Abby enveloped him in a hug before hugging Gibbs too.
She said, grinning widely.
"But we aren't sure if he'll actually live."
Abby stopped bouncing abruptly and picked up Bert from the chair beside the one she had been sitting on.
She squeezed him. Brad raised and eyebrow at Gibbs, who didn't even bother explaining. Abby sat back down in her chair with a light thud. She squeezed Bert again.
Gibbs thanked Brad for giving them the news then sat down in his chair again, sipping his coffee.
"When can we see him?"
"I'm afraid not for another hour at least and even then it would be useless. He's in a coma. We suspect he hit his head hard when he slumped over."
Gibbs nodded and Brad left the room. A tear escaped Abby's eyes, carrying the mascara down her cheek.
:iconbleachedsharpie:bleachedsharpie 3 3
:NCIS: Regret - Part 4
Gibbs stood up and walked out of the room to get some coffee. God knows he needed it.
A few minutes later he reappeared in Ziva's hospital room, coffee in hand. Abby's eyes were red-rimmed from crying, and some of her makeup and streamed down her face. Ziva, on the other hand, was still crying.
"Now let me ask you a question."
Gibbs said, pointing at Ziva.
"How the hell are you alive?"
Abby, of course, jumped in before Ziva could say anything.
"They gave her super-medicine, like, Superman and Spiderman all mixed into one medicine and then she woke up... and they figured that the bullet had missed all the vital organs by millimeters..."
Abby rambled.
Gibbs couldn't help but smile slightly, despite everything that happened that day.
"Doctor came in?"
"Yup". Ziva replied, "But no news on Tony."
"You and Tony-"
"We're partners, Gibbs. And don't even think about giving me the 'Rule #12' lecture, or I'll kill you with a paperclip."
Gibbs knew she was lying, as Tony would say, her eyes wouldn
:iconbleachedsharpie:bleachedsharpie 3 1
:NCIS: Regret - Part 3
Despite his most heartfelt wishes, When Gibbs rounded the corner of the raised skylights, it was Tony there in a pool of blood. It was a through and through, almost directly over where his heart was. However when Gibbs desperately checked for a pulse, the faintest one he'd ever felt came through to his fingers. Tony was slumped over his knees, one arm out in front of him. Gibbs could faintly hear an extremely shallow, raspy breath shuddering through Tony's scarred lungs as he dialed 911.
McGee came up the stairs.
"The apartment was clear boss - wait is that..."
Gibbs nodded. McGee was horrified at the sight. Gibbs handed him the phone to talk to the person on the other end, and began ripping and part of his shirt. He tore off the whole sleeve and carefully brought tony up into a sitting position. He wrapped it around his wounds and hoped for the best. After not too long he could hear the sirens glaring down below, and paramedics appeared nearby. They loaded Tony onto a stretcher and bo
:iconbleachedsharpie:bleachedsharpie 1 1
:NCIS: Regret - Part 2
Tony hung his head in his hands, letting one more tear escape his red-rimmed, lusterless eyes.
"Put your weapons down!" A masked man yelled. Tony glanced at Ziva, placing his gun slowly on the concrete. Ziva did the same.
"Now kick them over to me." The masked man added, visibly calming down but still in a gruff and slightly loud voice. Tony sighed and did so, for he and another masked man had guns trained on Ziva. Ziva mimicked him. A slight sound in the crates of the warehouse they were in startled one of the men. He pulled the trigger. Tony dove for his gun, successfully grabbing it from where the man had forgotten to pick it up and put three holes in the man's chest. He rolled over onto his back and shot the other man, who fired off a shot at him but missed.  Tony crawled over to Ziva.
"Ziva? Come on my crazy little ninja chick! Zee-vah!" He tore off an arm of his shirt and wrapped it around the wound near her chest. "Stay with me... Stay with me, my crazy l
:iconbleachedsharpie:bleachedsharpie 0 1
:NCIS: Regret - Part 1
He dumped his gear on the mat by his door, wriggling out of his coat at the same time. The normal spark in his eyes was gone, his shoulders had a peculiar slump to them, and even his trademark "Tony DiNozzo grin" had disappeared off his face. He didn't wear one of his expensive suits and ties and shoes, just a t-shirt and jeans, along with solid black sneakers, these he kicked off. He let out a deep sigh [most definitely un-Tony] and walked over to the window of his apartment.  It was dark out, and stars blinked from where they were embedded in the velvet sky.
Tony left his place beside the window and ultimately decided to go somewhere else - anywhere else. He didn't even bother to grab his coat or put on his socks and shoes before locking the door behind him and walking up the small flight of stairs to the roof of his building. He reached his destination and walked out on the cold concrete, ignoring the cold that surrounded him. He sat down on the ground and gazed up at the
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